Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sharia Ban Map - USA & Canada

First the USA:

HT Creeping Sharia

In Canada there are no such laws banning sharia. There are many challenges to Western Law by Muslims and their leftist cohorts. Vote whoring politicians are not to be believed, they have not protected much of western cultural or religious significance. Multiculturalism and political correctness are the devises used to co-opt democracy. Most politicos will sell out to the sharia lobby in a wink claiming inclusiveness and Canadian values as cover.

To promote sharia the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at are very active with events such as Islamic Perspective on World Peace” or World Religions Conference in many small communities where they only display and promote the Quran.

These fake conferences are designed solely to co-opt local politicians and business leaders into support under guise of multiculturalism and inclusiveness and recruit young males to the ideology. The Ahmadiyya Muslim is solely interested in promoting sharia law and they make no secret of this but count on political correctness for cover. And they get it. 

Look for an article calling them out or criticizing them and you will not find one. The Muslim simply employs taqiyya, lying to non-believers as permitted under Islam, to claim Islam and sharia is just misunderstood as in this article: Demystifying “Shariah”

In Canada we do not have any laws against sharia despite any assurance from politicians. It is time for such laws to be brought into force. Read the quote below by Mohmmad Aslam Shad the Pakistani born chemical engineer:
“Sharia law is not against the rights or privileges of women or anyone else,” he said.

He added that Sharia law is close to the legal system already in place in Canada, with few differences. Where the two differ, he said Muslims must follow the law of the country.

* Multi-culti land under Islamic threat

Anti-Israeli intimidation at University of Quebec in Montreal:

above video via on Mar 31, 2011
Another university where Leftists and Muslims join forces to express brutal antisemitism with the thin veneer of concern over Israeli political policies. Oddly none of these people have ever disrupted a meeting on Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan where minority rights are truly horrific, but the main girl here shows up at every lecture which has anything to do with israel.
The whole story is here:

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