Saturday, February 6, 2010

The $40,000 BCHRT Shakedown of Guy Earle

In 2008 comedian Guy Earle was charged by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal with making offensive remarks to two Vancouver lesbians. The complainant claims the comments were "homophobic" violating the Human Rights Code on sexual orientation.

Twenty-one months later on March 29, 2010 Guy goes on trail in the Star Chamber of Heather MacNaughton at BCHRT for heckling hecklers. At a comedy club. In Canada. 

According to Guy the heckler's are asking for $40,000 damages, broken down as $20K each  from Guy Earle and the other defendant, Zesty's Food Services Inc. Ka'ching!! 

If you don't believe the human rights prosecution process is part of the punishment,  listen to this February 2010 interview with Rob Breakenridge; Guy sounds demoralized and drained. Remember he is not being prosecuted under criminal law in a real court because he apparently has not violated any criminal law. He has simply caught the attention of the special interest police, bags of air paid huge salaries to terrorize regular folk. 

Real human rights involve protecting and educating women in immigrant communities, stopping things like honor killings, but that can take consistent effort and hard work. Much easier to use phony invented 'rights' created from pixie dust by bureaucratic hocus-pocus and a infinite taxpayer cash. In a true democracy Guy would have the right to speak his mind, to comment and exchange ideas without fear or threat from government appointed brown shirts. "I don't hate anybody based on their sexual orientation, or whatever, but I do hate hecklers and sometimes I get a little vehement," Guy Earle says in a radio interview posted on YouTube.

After almost 2 years the man is drained, dazed by clerks with fake jobs with the power of government supporting their every move. What matters is this is Canada and we have a group of nanny state busy bodies sticking their beaks into comedy clubs of all places after a couple of lesbians said he was "homophobic". I suggest if you are so damned thin skinned don't go into a comedy club, don't leave your freaking house! If you hassle people at work expect to get hassled back. Try picking on a clerk at Tim Hortons or 7-11 and see how far you get. In B.C. you're likely to get tasered. 

I don't care if Guy Earle is funny, rude or vulgar. I do care about free speech and the power of a government department to suck the life out of citizens by picking and choosing who to go after, and in this case likely pursuing the interest of members of another special interest group now after some tax free cash. Oh yeah, if it like other HRC's, the complainant does not endure legal costs, only the defendant. What a racket. 
 Back grounders: The Vancouver Sun posted this article June 25, 2008 and check out Ezra Levant's June 26, 2008 blog post on the Joke Police.

Update: Mark Steyn has the issue up to date and in focus here. You can visit Guy's web site here, you might even send him a note of encouragement.


Dag said...

I came to your site earlier to glean information about Guy Earle and his up-coming trial by scowl and finger wag. Looks like I will be following your blog in future to keep up on this. My colleague in Vancouver will try to attend the proceedings, and maybe we'll meet.

All the best,


skyhook8 said...

Thanks for dropping by Dag! I hope some Vancouver are bloggers are able to attend the kangaroo court.